Each week, viewers eagerly tune in to Bachelor in Paradise to witness the unfolding drama, unexpected connections, and heartwarming moments on the picturesque beach. Behind the scenes, bartender and unofficial therapist Wells Adams offers his insights on the whirlwind of events, providing a unique perspective on the love triangles, confessions, and beachside antics. In this week’s edition, Wells delves into the emotional rollercoaster that is Paradise, from romantic dates to unexpected bathroom troubles. Let’s explore with us!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The tension between Brayden and Kat escalated quickly when Tanner asked Kat out, and she immediately accepted without consulting Brayden. Do you think Kat’s reaction was simply insensitivity, discomfort, or a mix of both?

WELLS ADAMS: Navigating these sticky situations is never easy, and Kat’s response definitely stirred the pot. It seemed like she prioritized her feelings over Brayden’s, which undoubtedly hurt him, especially considering Brayden’s open and vulnerable nature.

Sam’s bathroom woes took center stage this week. While it’s a departure from the usual Paradise drama, what do you think it is about the environment that affects contestants’ gastrointestinal systems?

Typically, the bathroom issues in Paradise lean towards the other extreme! As for why Mexico seems to wreak havoc on people’s stomachs… well, let’s just say Montezuma’s revenge is a well-known phenomenon. The local water may have a role to play in that!

Bachelor in Paradise Aaron’s compassionate response to Sam’s predicament was unexpectedly heartwarming. Do you see his actions as romantic?

Absolutely! Despite Sam’s embarrassment, Aaron handled the situation with grace and turned it into a sweet moment. Providing support without judgment is crucial in any relationship, and Aaron nailed it. Plus, the olive oil touch was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself!

It’s a recurring theme: just when someone claims nothing could ruin their day, a new arrival throws a wrench into the works! Will they ever learn?

Sadly, probably not. That’s the beauty of Paradise—the unpredictability keeps things interesting and ensures there’s never a dull moment.

Bachelor in Paradise grab Will ponders his fate on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. ABC Will’s streak of bad luck continues unabated. Do you think he’ll catch a break anytime soon?

I can’t spoil what’s to come, but I will say this: Will definitely deserves some good fortune! He’s a genuinely kind soul, and it’s disheartening to see him caught up in these tumultuous situations.

Sean’s newfound appreciation for Brayden highlights how Paradise can change our perceptions of contestants. What is it about the environment that reveals different sides of people?

Brayden and Sean’s evolving relationship is a testament to the transformative nature of Paradise. It’s not just a chance for love—it’s an opportunity for contestants to showcase their true selves. We’re witnessing Brayden’s growth and authenticity shine through in this setting.

Lastly, should Blake stick to describing his dietary preferences as “poultry” to avoid confusion in the future?

Perhaps, but Jess might want to brush up on her bird knowledge! Despite the mix-up, it brought some levity to the situation. Gotta love our resident glitter enthusiast!

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC for more unexpected twists and turns.

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